Why Curating Your Home Matters


What are your thoughts about design? Do you think it even matters? Or is it a luxury only available to some? A small glance at the cover of Architectural Digest, Elle Decor & other publications lined at your grocery store check out, can lead you to believe that beautiful design is unattainable & frankly out of reach. But.......


  1. Posted by bsitka, — Reply

    Would LOVE to know source of entry table and mirror!

  2. Posted by martalcarson, — Reply

    I can identify my decorating choices with this article. I love going to second hand and thrift stores looking for “treasures” for the home and myself.

  3. Posted by llallen5, — Reply

    Can you tell me where to purchase the table and mirror? Thank you in advance for your help. Mary Allen

  4. Posted by shopfromsusie, — Reply

    I’m loving this mirror.

  5. Posted by gaylefrankie, — Reply

    Wood, glass, metal & greenery....always a winning combination 👍🏼❤️

  6. Posted by modtrends4u, — Reply

    Yes Yes Yes

  7. Posted by addyrae820, — Reply

    Interior design

  8. Posted by cescatobias, — Reply


  9. Posted by jennieinberlin, — Reply

    Lovely styling

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